Outside, sat an old oak tree

Gnarled and twisty as can be

I hugged him for good luck and

sat under the crooked branches during the storms

He smiled when the rain pelted his leaves

Enjoying the earthy water from the clouds

A blessing, it was!

To watch the old oak tree absorb

the essence of life and revitalize

Its leaves birthed bright green

Its trunk richly brown and healthy as the wet soil

During winter, he grew old again,

Angry and resentful with no leaves to hide the scars

I still sat there though with roots under my bottom

I still whispered my secrets through the hollow hole of his trunk

and giggled at my echo.

He was sad,

missing the presence of the boy who used to sit upon his largest branch

The one with the laugh as warm as the sun rays in May

My brother, who loved the tree fiercely,

Now watched us from another branch,

somewhere deep in the sky.


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