Hello beautiful people!

My name is Tasia Jackson and I’m 24 years old. I am an aspiring creative entrepreneur, free-lance writer and holistic health enthusiast. I am a very spiritual person; I enjoy learning new things about the Universe and how it applies to our everyday surroundings.  I am also a meditation practitioner, yoga & nature lover and an all around free spirit. I aim to live my life in peace and abundant happiness. Basically, I am a self-proclaimed black Hippie! 🙂

So why a blog?!

It’s simple. I love to write and be creative and more importantly,  I wanted to create a platform for my voice where I can spread awareness about everything I have learned in my path of self-discovery from listening to my inner voice to spirituality to love and health. I want it to be an open space where everyone can gain insight on some interesting ways to discover their inner “vibe.”  It is an opportunity to explore yourself internally and connect with others who are on the same path or want to begin the journey. My hope is that this blog can inspire you to discover how magical your life is and what new doors are waiting to be opened. Lastly, I want to spread a message: The key to living a happy life of freedom lies within embracing your inner self, listening to that inner voice and following your deepest passions.

As always, namaste.