Outside, sat an old oak tree

Gnarled and twisty as can be

I hugged him for good luck and

sat under the crooked branches during the storms

He smiled when the rain pelted his leaves

Enjoying the earthy water from the clouds

A blessing, it was!

To watch the old oak tree absorb

the essence of life and revitalize

Its leaves birthed bright green

Its trunk richly brown and healthy as the wet soil

During winter, he grew old again,

Angry and resentful with no leaves to hide the scars

I still sat there though with roots under my bottom

I still whispered my secrets through the hollow hole of his trunk

and giggled at my echo.

He was sad,

missing the presence of the boy who used to sit upon his largest branch

The one with the laugh as warm as the sun rays in May

My brother, who loved the tree fiercely,

Now watched us from another branch,

somewhere deep in the sky.

Happy New Moon

It was so beautiful,

The tale the moon told the stars

Of how the Universe separated her from

Her love

For if they were to be together,

The world would be no more

She told them that the day would come

For them to be one

When time and space cease to exist

They would be together

resting on the clouds,

absorbing the silence

And the stars sighed with longing

For they could feel her yearning for him,

The Sun


He offered me a glass of red wine that smelled of stale berries. I turned my head to refuse his offer but he grabbed my chin in a steel grip to keep me still. My eyes welled with tears as he pried my mouth open and poured the wine down my throat. It was thick as syrup and tasted like metal. Something was off. I panicked and began coughing up the substance. He laughed then smiled darkly, as he swiped the juice from my chin and sucked it off his fingers.

“Something wrong?” He asked.

“Is that….blood?” I asked, feeling my stomach roll.

“Of course, dear. What else would it be?”

Happy Halloween!

Dream Series: Volume 2

“Are you psychic?”

“No, just highly intuitive. My dreams tell me things, I think. It’s hard to explain.”

“Try. Tell me about your most recent dream.”

“Well, it was gray outside and the sky had an odd blue tint to it. I was standing outside on some random street with my friends standing nearby. It started to rain heavily. When I ¬†looked behind me I saw a massive 100 ft wave, towering over all of us. Scared to death, I ran into the nearest house and shut the door. When I opened the door back up a moment later, the water was up to the top of the house and my friends were stuck in the water, frightened and in a state of shock. It was disturbing to say the least. The next day, I saw the news about the hurricane coming.”

“What does that mean?”

“That we angered her, mother nature. And this is when she gets revenge. I think she was warning me.”

Pretty Bird.

Pretty Bird

I’m envious of your view

How high can you fly without breathing?

Or does your inhalation lift you higher?

I wish I had wings

I’d soar higher than the clouds

and wave to the airplanes.

I’d fly right above the water and let the mist spray my energy

Pretty Bird,

Do you ever sleep?

Or do you burst through the rose colored clouds at sunset

and let the energetic current flow within you?

I would.

Pretty Bird,

I’d like to switch places.

You can stay anchored to the Earth

and I will glide through the sky.

I believe we’ll all have wings someday and

fly into freedom.

I wonder what that feels like,

I hope you’ll tell me your secrets one day,

Pretty Bird.

Happy Autumn.

I’m naked most of the time.

Watching the birds sing,

Watching the trees sway to the breath of mother nature

Watching the colors bleed onto the leaves

Watching the sun spill its aura to paint the sky rose and orange

We are alike,

Growing. Expanding.

Rising then descending quietly.

I am she.

And she is me.

Together, we represent the sacred beauty of the Earth.

Photo Credit: @urbansocietyy


Stardust sprinkled her forehead

Sugar coated her lips

As it fed her creativity

It was different now

She lived energetically…instinctively

Flowing between the folds of her cosmic structure

Drawing the map with her aura

Exploring without a destination

Trusting in the blindness

Carrying the essence of courage

Screaming into the heavens

Flying. Flying. Flying.


So strange, they are.

Surrealism in the flesh

Magical realism disguised through our 3rd eye

She reveals the parallel universes

That we cannot see in the physical

Do you like mystery?

No? Well… I enjoy testing the limits of your imagination.

In my sleep, I’ve traveled to worlds

Unknown cities in frozen time

It’s unexplainable…how the mind plays its tricks

Taking the memories that burn my subconscious

and bringing them forth to play

Sometimes they’re dark & frightening

Sights I rather not see

Monsters that I dare not fight

And other times it’s bliss,

I ride the wave of the unusual

And crash into my desires

I travel astrally & bravely

Seeking what lies beyond my conscious mind