Magic in real life

The concept of magic in real life is absolutely fascinating! I believe that we are all powerful magical beings that are able to manifest whatever we want into reality. We have the Universe and the Law of Attraction to use at our disposal; you just have to learn how to tap into it. This category of articles is meant to enlighten and inspire YOU to use magic and the Universe in your life to obtain what you want. I’m not talking about using spells and potions and making things go poof (unless you want to then that’s awesome!) but using prayer, rituals, candles, meditation, Β stones, crystals, etc. to manifest what your heart wants into reality. It is very real and will only work if you have faith and believe!

Keep reading below for a quick guide to easy meditation:

Naked Meditation


This is something I just started doing recently. I used to meditate in the early evenings after work but I didn’t keep it up because I realized I couldn’t concentrate as well. So I decided to try it out after my nightly showers in the nude. It is incredibly freeing and powerful to do it in your most natural state without any barriers. It’s a little bold but worth the adventure πŸ˜‰

Ready to give it a try? Let’s go!

What you’ll need:

  • 3-4 candles (size doesn’t matter)
  • Small sacred space to concentrate
  • Dark room
  • Meditation music
  • Soft blanket or yoga mat
  • Naked body πŸ˜‰

Once you’ve taken a shower (usually I stay in my robe until it’s time), gather your materials and bring them to your sacred space. Lay down your mat or blanket in your space, then take the candles and place them in 4 corners surrounding you: one in the upper right corner, one in the upper left corner, one in the bottom right and one in the bottom left. The candles should be parallel to each other and no more than a few inches from your body. You want to be able to feel the energy emanating from the heat of the candles during your meditation. Once the candles are set up and lit, get your meditation music ready and set an alarm for about 10 minutes! I like to use a 10 minute mark for beginners but feel free to go as long as you’d like.

Once everything is set in place, sit in the middle of your candles and take off of your robe, towel or any piece of clothing you’re wearing. You may want to do this is in a secluded spot or when everyone is sleeping so they don’t catch you out in the nude πŸ˜‰

Start your alarm and begin the meditation. Breathe deeply in and out to allow your body to relax, let your hands fall where they may, and allow all exterior sounds to simply pass by you without absorbing them into your thoughts. Embrace the heat from the candles–think of it as energy being drawn into your body. Allow your thoughts to naturally come and go until they dissipate altogether.

Do this until your alarm goes off. Afterwards say a prayer, if you want, to bless your meditation and blow out the candles to send it off.

Congrats! You’ve just completed your first naked meditation! Pay attention to how you feel. You should be in a more peaceful, relaxed state than when you started. I hope this is a helpful start to your magical journey!

Peace and love always,


**Check out my blog posts periodically for magic-inspired secrets and tools to use to make your life a little more intriguing πŸ™‚