Dream Series: Volume 2

“Are you psychic?”

“No, just highly intuitive. My dreams tell me things, I think. It’s hard to explain.”

“Try. Tell me about your most recent dream.”

“Well, it was gray outside and the sky had an odd blue tint to it. I was standing outside on some random street with my friends standing nearby. It started to rain heavily. When I ¬†looked behind me I saw a massive 100 ft wave, towering over all of us. Scared to death, I ran into the nearest house and shut the door. When I opened the door back up a moment later, the water was up to the top of the house and my friends were stuck in the water, frightened and in a state of shock. It was disturbing to say the least. The next day, I saw the news about the hurricane coming.”

“What does that mean?”

“That we angered her, mother nature. And this is when she gets revenge. I think she was warning me.”


Pretty Bird.

Pretty Bird

I’m envious of your view

How high can you fly without breathing?

Or does your inhalation lift you higher?

I wish I had wings

I’d soar higher than the clouds

and wave to the airplanes.

I’d fly right above the water and let the mist spray my energy

Pretty Bird,

Do you ever sleep?

Or do you burst through the rose colored clouds at sunset

and let the energetic current flow within you?

I would.

Pretty Bird,

I’d like to switch places.

You can stay anchored to the Earth

and I will glide through the sky.

I believe we’ll all have wings someday and

fly into freedom.

I wonder what that feels like,

I hope you’ll tell me your secrets one day,

Pretty Bird.