Pain is beauty.

Take off the mask

Let the blood drip and spill

to reveal the diamonds inside

and show a reflection of the internal beauty

read your stars to me

then scream out loud

Let go. Fall.

Then fly.


Dream Series: Volume 2

“Are you psychic?”

“No, just highly intuitive. My dreams tell me things, I think. It’s hard to explain.”

“Try. Tell me about your most recent dream.”

“Well, it was gray outside and the sky had an odd blue tint to it. I was standing outside on some random street with my friends standing nearby. It started to rain heavily. When I  looked behind me I saw a massive 100 ft wave, towering over all of us. Scared to death, I ran into the nearest house and shut the door. When I opened the door back up a moment later, the water was up to the top of the house and my friends were stuck in the water, frightened and in a state of shock. It was disturbing to say the least. The next day, I saw the news about the hurricane coming.”

“What does that mean?”

“That we angered her, mother nature. And this is when she gets revenge. I think she was warning me.”


“Tell me about the time before, during the midst of your relationship.”

“He used to get drunk off of me. And high. My scent would actually intoxicate him. It didn’t bother me though. The more he inhaled my womanhood, the more my body responded.

I absorbed the brashness of life with him until it consumed me. Sometimes it was fun and other times it was…frightening. His presence was alluring, but he was troubled, really, very troubled.”

Photo Credit: @urbansocietyy


Stardust sprinkled her forehead

Sugar coated her lips

As it fed her creativity

It was different now

She lived energetically…instinctively

Flowing between the folds of her cosmic structure

Drawing the map with her aura

Exploring without a destination

Trusting in the blindness

Carrying the essence of courage

Screaming into the heavens

Flying. Flying. Flying.

The Time is NOW.

Hey Y’all,

I have been feeling so inspired lately (as you can see from my recent posting of creative shorts) and it seems that everyday my purpose in life becomes clearer. I wasn’t planning on posting today but after listening to a Breakfast Club interview with Lena Waithe (Writer/Producer of The Chi) – who is super dope on many levels – I feel fired up. In a few sentences, she unknowingly confirmed the reason why I want to be a writer, producer and show-runner in the near future. The world of television and society as a whole, needs more representation and the window for black creatives becomes more open everyday. So the time for me to join the race is NOW. And I cannot wait to join all of the other beautiful creators out there and create/produce inspiring and inclusive content for people from ALL walks of life.

And now, as I align myself with my goals, I want to help y’all do the same. We all have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to share your God-given talent with the world. Before I realized what I wanted to do, it seemed like the most difficult thing in the world was to find my purpose. I did research, exercises and thought so hard about it that I missed the whole point —> to stop looking at external factors to validate who I am as a person.

There isn’t a website, book or article that can tell you who you are meant to be. Your purpose in life is tied EXACTLY to who you are at this moment. It is what you have always done, innately; it is the thing that brings you the most joy in your day, whether that is taking pictures, listening to music, cooking, writing, or lighting candles (insider)! Whatever it is that makes your heart sing when no one is watching. For me, that is creating stories, poetry, reading film reviews and analyzing tv shows out loud to myself (Yes, I’m weird). But I feel so much more at peace now because I got real and honest with myself.

And now it’s time for you to do the same:

I want you to get really quiet and still and meditate. Shut out the outside noise, go in your closet, hideout in your car – do whatever you must to get 10 minutes of solo time.

Once you’re there, I want you to breathe, deeply. Inhale & exhale, slow and steady. Let your mind open up and let feelings arise without shutting them out. Pay attention to your thoughts – where do they immediately go once the chaos has calmed down? You will have to get real and honest and this may bring up some emotion as we sometimes downplay or ignore that voice inside of us because we are afraid of our light. But that is the beauty of it all – embracing that authenticity that makes you unique. You are your dream. The wisdom is inside of you and nowhere else and the world is waiting for your rarity.

Discover what is about yourself that you love and become obsessed with it. Down right deranged if you have to. You are a soldier and a survivor. You are the one that has gotten yourself this far in life and no one can take that away from you. It’s time for those big dreams inside of you to spread their wings and fly. Remember: we are staring fear in the face, we’re shaking hands with it and we’re using it to be the air beneath our wings (corny, much? I know, I can’t help it). But as I said before, the time is NOW.  It’s time to manifest those dreams into real life goals with targeted action. I’m not going to lie – it will be tough. It’ll take blood, sweat and tears and will probably be the single most hardest thing you’ve ever done in life. But guess what? You were BORN to do it and you MUST believe in yourself. Your belief is the only thing that matters and will ultimately, be the only thing to keep you going.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start manifesting! I think we’ve been patient long enough. Let’s take the world by storm and see what she has to offer.

Good luck loves,

I’m rooting for all of us ❤

Embrace Your Power

Hello beautiful people,

It’s gloomy and dreary outside today; and surprisingly cold for early September!

I’m embracing it for the most part though, because that means that fall is coming soon or that the hurricane is near >.<

So today’s post is about the importance of embracing the power within you. I believe that we all have our own ancient power that is embedded within our being–that is carried with our soul throughout our lifetime; I believe that it is passed down from our ancestors and our past lives. In this power lies our skills, innate abilities (natural talent), thirst for knowledge and our sixth sense. If you can tap into it, it can come in handy when trying to tackle life’s dilemmas.

For example, let’s say that you are applying for a job that requires 5 years of experience and knowledge of certain programs. You only have 2 years of experience and knowledge of one program from a previous role.

Number one: Do not panic! Just because it seems like you are lacking an amount of skills does not mean you are not well qualified for the role.

The first thing you have to do—after you wipe away those feelings of inadequacy— is to trust and believe in yourself–in your inner power. You will discover that you are highly intelligent, a fast learner, ambitious and eager for knowledge. THAT is what will get you the job–not necessarily your “know-how” but your desire to learn these new skills quickly & efficiently. It is your self-confidence that shines so bright, it burns through anyone’s doubts that they are basing off of the contents of your resume.

By using your power, you turn your visible weaknesses into viable strengths, which will show the person not only why you are a good candidate but why you are the best & only candidate for the job.

Next example, let’s say that you want to start a diy or creative project at home but you are lacking certain tools or equipment needed. Again, don’t panic! You are a beautiful, POWERFUL being that can draw from what is around you. You must use what you have to get where you want to be. Look up any substitutions or alternatives that can be used in place of what you’re lacking, or take the time to self-educate–and gain power [knowledge] that way. Read articles, do research, or even online shop for things that will be needed for this project. Do not give up because it seems as if something is missing; in reality, YOU are all that is needed for your goals to succeed.

If you’re having trouble or do not know where to start to find your power then don’t worry! All you need is guidance & the right tools to help.

Here are some tools that can be used to access your inner power & strength:

Crystals & Stones: Use ones for clarity, intuition, wisdom & creativity (clear quartz, flourite, iron pyrite)

Chakra candles: When your chakras are aligned, it easier to access information about ourselves because our energy flows abundantly & is able to be directed to the proper outlet.

Horoscope: Read your horoscope (from a trusted source) for the week to find out how to get over any obstacles headed your way.

Nature: There’s nothing like the outdoors that inspire you to make the most out of your day and life in general. Take some time to meditate in the park & discover what has been on your mind lately.

Yoga: Yoga is the perfect tool to realize the strength your mind, body and spirit have when connected!

Reading: A self-awareness, self-teaching or some yummy fiction can awaken your imagination and bring forth ideas!

**Any wellness activity can be used to access your power. Find one that works for you, embrace it and then use it to conquer whatever obstacles are standing in your way!!


Peace & love,