Dear Monday,



**Warning: The following story is graphic. Viewer Discretion is advised.**

Aries peered through the glass of her window and watched sheets of rain pour steadily from the sky. The wind was so strong that it blew the rain sideways and caused the trees to sway dangerously close to the ground. Hard splatters of rain pelted her window, while lightening strikes flashed repeatedly.  A storm was coming.

She braced herself for the loud crackle of thunder that sounded the sky and snuggled deeper into her seat. It was a cushioned bench built into the window – the perfect place to stretch out, read a book and watch nature. She enjoyed fiction stories the most as she was able to escape reality and become lost in the wildness of the characters’ lives. For a story to truly wet her tastebuds, it had to be haunting, intriguing and lustful. The story she currently read was about a dangerous sex cult – it was freaky and downright evil – and she couldn’t stop herself from being absorbed into the story.

As Aries turned the next page, she found her hand sliding beneath her silk robe to her naked thighs. Her hand moistened with heat as it hovered above the sweet fruit of her folds. She used her other hand to turn the book over and then gently toyed with her nipple, pulling and tugging the pebbled flesh until tears stung her eyes. She bit her bottom lip and began to stroke her bud. Her eyelids slid close and her third eye opened, awakening the strength of the other four senses. The eye swept through her thoughts for haunting memories and landed on a recent rendezvous with the owner of her favorite bookstore.

Suddenly, his phantom hands sprung from her memory and began to rub all over body. As his nails dug into the flesh of her arms, her fingers stroked furiously, causing her bud to harden under the intrusion. Her third eye grew wider, bringing more sensations from her memory to life; she was now in the healthy living section of the bookstore, bent over the love seat, moaning the name of the owner as he growled behind her. She cried out as his phantom hands slid to her root chakra and caressed it in slow agonizing circles.

Her body convulsed and stiffened as pleasure waves rippled from her crown to her toes. Her head lolled to one side and rested against the cool surface of the rain-battered window. She squinted her eyes open, allowing her third eye to close gracefully, and the hands to slither back into her memories. As her teeth released their grip on her bottom lip, her tongue slid across the chafed skin and tasted fresh blood. She took her finger off of her now sensitive bud, swiped her lip and gazed at the dark red blood before popping her finger into her mouth to taste.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. The taste was ripe and tart like a raspberry. She smiled darkly to herself and turned the book back over, picking up where she left off. Stormy days were truly her favorite.

The End. 

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Stardust sprinkled her forehead

Sugar coated her lips

As it fed her creativity

It was different now

She lived energetically…instinctively

Flowing between the folds of her cosmic structure

Drawing the map with her aura

Exploring without a destination

Trusting in the blindness

Carrying the essence of courage

Screaming into the heavens

Flying. Flying. Flying.

Hello, Fear.

Hi everyone!!

OMG…it has been too long since I’ve “spoken” to my lovely readers and truthfully, since I’ve looked back at my blog. If you know me, then you know that I am on a journey of discovering myself, learning what it means to self-love and figuring out what the heck I want to do with my life.

Well, honestly it is a never-ending journey for most of us. Even when we reach that peak of our goal, we find ourselves wanting to expand and take on even more, always testing the limits of our being. I’m going to be honest with y’all…I have been lost and I’ve been scared. I was doing great, working and writing different self-care rituals for you all and somewhere in the mix, I lost touch with myself and my passions. I let external factors distract me from my true purpose and in turn, found myself at a confusing crossroads of my current job and life and where I see myself in the near future. I also experienced a death in the family, and that loss of familiar energy took a toll on me spiritually. With ALL of that running through my mind, I was completely blocked. There was no way I could give any self-love and self-care advice to you all if I was not practicing this myself.

After a small breakdown and what I realize now was a breakthrough, I finally feel free enough to open up again to you all.

*Takes deep breath*

This has by far been the most challenging, eye-opening and explorative year of my life. I turned a 1/4 of a century (25!), visited my number 1 dream place – California ❤ and I went skydiving!! Peep the blog pic. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Fear. Self-doubt. Worry.

These three emotions are so freaking strong that they grab ahold of our conscious mind and if we let them, make ourselves believe that we are limited in anything we wish to accomplish. I have periods where I’m feeling great – doing yoga daily, meditating, writing a story and then I’ll have moments of doubt and sadness and wonder why the hell I’m doing this in the first place. It’s like I’ll reach a milestone and then that little naggy voice of fear comes along and starts questioning me: Are you sure you can do this? But what about x,y, and z factors…” and so on. The mind can be a dangerous playground – sometimes it helps and other times it’s harmful. But what we have to remember is that fear itself is not real, it’s just energy reacting to what we want most. We know , internally, what we want to do and accomplish and even though we are very much capable of the “impossible” we will stop ourselves before we can make any real progress.

Why do we allow these thoughts? Because we’re human – and they will come up whether we like it or not. But we can control our reaction to them, rather than push down our nervousness or anxiousness to make it disappear – which actually makes it worse – we should try to acknowledge those feelings then let that energy flow through us until it’s gone. And guess what’s on the other side of that? Peace, knowing, understanding, love, excitement, joy, etc!!

I was scared af to skydive, but I knew that it was something I had always wanted to do and now the opportunity had presented itself before me. After some self-coaching and saving $$, I asked myself, “will you sink or will you fly?”

And I flew. Together with my best friends and family, we conquered something unimaginable together. We were powerful. I let go because I HAD to see what was on the other side of that fear. And you know what was waiting for me? Peace. The floating back down to the earth was peaceful & serene. My friends were waiting for me with infectious smiles and an exciting joy in their eyes as I landed safely to my feet, supported by the ground. And I realized, wow…this was within me the whole time. What was I scared of again? All I could think of was that I couldn’t wait to do it again. I embraced fear that day, and she greeted me with open arms. I hugged her in the wind and then I broke through and landed into a revised version of myself. We all did.

So , with all of that being said (and if you read through all of that, kuddos!) I write this to let you know that it is okay to be afraid – fear is simply energy – it’s energy that we can take with us, harness and then burst through to make it to the other side. Do you notice whenever you’re scared to do something, you’re also secretly bubbling with the thought of…what if I actually do this? There’s a thin line between fear…excitement and purpose. Pay attention to it, my friend.

As for my beloved blog, I want to try some new things and I hope you’ll stick around to discover that with me. I decided that I really do want to be a writer as it’s always the thing I’ve gone back to in my life.  I want to publish fiction novels and write, direct and produce for television and films. I don’t know how I’ll get there yet but I know that this was step 1: Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Awareness.

Please continue to follow me on my journey and stay tuned for some cool creative writing prompts that I will post! Practice makes perfect 🙂

With love,

Tasia Monet.

Embrace Your Power

Hello beautiful people,

It’s gloomy and dreary outside today; and surprisingly cold for early September!

I’m embracing it for the most part though, because that means that fall is coming soon or that the hurricane is near >.<

So today’s post is about the importance of embracing the power within you. I believe that we all have our own ancient power that is embedded within our being–that is carried with our soul throughout our lifetime; I believe that it is passed down from our ancestors and our past lives. In this power lies our skills, innate abilities (natural talent), thirst for knowledge and our sixth sense. If you can tap into it, it can come in handy when trying to tackle life’s dilemmas.

For example, let’s say that you are applying for a job that requires 5 years of experience and knowledge of certain programs. You only have 2 years of experience and knowledge of one program from a previous role.

Number one: Do not panic! Just because it seems like you are lacking an amount of skills does not mean you are not well qualified for the role.

The first thing you have to do—after you wipe away those feelings of inadequacy— is to trust and believe in yourself–in your inner power. You will discover that you are highly intelligent, a fast learner, ambitious and eager for knowledge. THAT is what will get you the job–not necessarily your “know-how” but your desire to learn these new skills quickly & efficiently. It is your self-confidence that shines so bright, it burns through anyone’s doubts that they are basing off of the contents of your resume.

By using your power, you turn your visible weaknesses into viable strengths, which will show the person not only why you are a good candidate but why you are the best & only candidate for the job.

Next example, let’s say that you want to start a diy or creative project at home but you are lacking certain tools or equipment needed. Again, don’t panic! You are a beautiful, POWERFUL being that can draw from what is around you. You must use what you have to get where you want to be. Look up any substitutions or alternatives that can be used in place of what you’re lacking, or take the time to self-educate–and gain power [knowledge] that way. Read articles, do research, or even online shop for things that will be needed for this project. Do not give up because it seems as if something is missing; in reality, YOU are all that is needed for your goals to succeed.

If you’re having trouble or do not know where to start to find your power then don’t worry! All you need is guidance & the right tools to help.

Here are some tools that can be used to access your inner power & strength:

Crystals & Stones: Use ones for clarity, intuition, wisdom & creativity (clear quartz, flourite, iron pyrite)

Chakra candles: When your chakras are aligned, it easier to access information about ourselves because our energy flows abundantly & is able to be directed to the proper outlet.

Horoscope: Read your horoscope (from a trusted source) for the week to find out how to get over any obstacles headed your way.

Nature: There’s nothing like the outdoors that inspire you to make the most out of your day and life in general. Take some time to meditate in the park & discover what has been on your mind lately.

Yoga: Yoga is the perfect tool to realize the strength your mind, body and spirit have when connected!

Reading: A self-awareness, self-teaching or some yummy fiction can awaken your imagination and bring forth ideas!

**Any wellness activity can be used to access your power. Find one that works for you, embrace it and then use it to conquer whatever obstacles are standing in your way!!


Peace & love,