The Art of Words

The Art of Words is meant to display bold, daring, slightly or fully erotic poetry! I am in love with passion poetry; it’s amazing to be able to visualize the images and vibe with the words. And I don’t know about you…but erotic poetry makes the words that more interesting. It’s steamy, intriguing and will capture your attention longer if you’re adventurous 😉 I crave writing that is different and pushes the envelope. I like for people to express their inner wildness in any form of art. It makes me feel as though I am experiencing their unadulterated creativity and I want you all to experience that feeling as well.

Below, I have shared with you all a poem, written by me, that I believe pushes the envelope. I was inspired after watching the Joker and Harley Quinn on the hit movie, Suicide Squad, so I wrote a poem based on their love story immediately after watching the film.

Stay tuned for more bold poetry under my blog posts 😉



Based on the scenes of the love story of Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

“Would you die for me?” – Joker

Yes.” – HQ

“No…no that’s too easy. Would you…would you live for me?” – Joker

*Smiles* – HQ

Falls back into unknown substance


Come on baby

Dance for me

Let me feel your heat

on my tongue

Your energy is rising like steam

Breathe it in with me

Let’s get high

Will you drown for me?

I want to take you to the darkest parts of the ocean

Watch you suffocate in ecstasy

Oh baby

Chain me up

Swallow the key

Rip me open

Bleed into me

I’m so high

You make my mind spin

I’m out of control

Keep falling

Please lose your sanity

I crave the scent of a mind

Twisting and turning

That’s it…baby

Bite me

Pretend I’m your enemy

Eat me alive

Consume me…


You’re almost there

Lose consciousness

Trust me

*Gasping awake*

I was dying and you saved me

Pushed me into the depths of my fantasies 

I’m alive…pulsating


That’s it baby

Come play with me

Oh, and welcome to Insanity…